Congrats, CFHS Competitive Drama Team!


Olivia Gallagher, Staff Writer/Media Production

On October 19, the CFHS Competitive Drama Team joyfully participated in All-County with other drama teams from Horry County. 

All-County is a place where drama teams can go to appreciate and celebrate their love of theater. There are many supportive judges with awards to be won to acknowledge the hard work that the students and directors put into their show. The categories included the following: Best Ensemble, Best Lighting/Sound, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and so many more. There were many amazing performances by all schools that left the judges and participants laughing and crying.   

While at All-County, the performances are judged and given a ranking: Honorable Mention, Excellent, or Superior. The Carolina Forest Drama Team took their performance of “The Perfect Ending” and received a ranking of Superior. Congrats!

Performances had the opportunity to receive an award acknowledging their Best Actor and Supporting Actor. In the CFHS performance, we congratulated Daniel Hartford for Best Actor and Caroline Kay for Best Supporting Actor. As these actors were recognized for their dedication to their roles, the cast was thrilled.

Kay, a sophomore, exclaimed, “I was so shocked! The entire cast deserves an individual award; we have worked so hard, and I am so proud of the whole cast. There are so many schools who are extremely talented, and it’s mind blowing to see how much talent is in just Horry County. I cannot wait to see what we bring to the state competition in November!”

Carolina Forest also received awards for Best Set, Best Ensemble and All-Star Cast, received by our lovely actors Jackson Hedges(a sophomore) and Jordan Stahler(a junior). 

CFHS Competitive Drama Team is preparing for the state theater competition, which is sponsored by South Carolina Theater Association(SCTA). This competition brings together high school students for workshops, keynotes and festivals. The winners of the state competition have the opportunity to advance to the South Eastern Theater Conference (SETC), the largest theater festival in the United States. There are opportunities for students to earn scholarships to colleges/universities in South Carolina.

Dr. Mathew Ward, the director, shared, “I’m excited for theater students from across South Carolina to see the immense talent that our students here at CFHS have. I am also excited to share the story of “The Perfect Ending” with those same students and their teachers. We have worked very hard to give these students tools that they can carry throughout the rest of their lives, and I am so proud of the hard work that they have put into this show. ”

 Our drama department is a group of talented stars who help our school shine brightly. Wishing our CFHS Competitive Drama Team some good vibes next week as they travel to Columbia for the State Competition.