Digital Media Marketing


Digital Media Marketing is a new class offered here at Carolina Forest. It is taught by Aaron Knapic and outlines digital media creation through video projects.

These videos are used for marketing our school as a great community and place for learners and teachers to thrive. They run their own Instagram and Youtube accounts, posting podcasts and football highlights. 

They make content in the form of podcasts, sports hype videos, interviews, and competitions and challenges. 

Knapic shares, “I teach about the importance of creativity when it comes to the creation of digital media, drawing from what my wife and I do as wedding filmmakers and web designers!” 

The forms, functions, and power of media are the basic principles taught in the class. Knapic makes sure that he highlights the importance of creativity in the field.

He teaches students how to take a project from its initial stages to executing the project while learning how to use proper equipment. After a student is completed with a project, they are to reflect on their success as well as some of their struggles throughout. 

Students are also taught about advertising, cost considerations of media and different forms of media

Jaime Perez Hernandez, a senior, shares, “This class in all has been a great experience so far. Although the editing process gets rough, getting to take this class has been a great opportunity.”

For students who are interested in learning how cameras work and how to edit videos, this is the perfect class.