It’s All About George!


Olivia Gallagher, Staff Writer/Media Production

Every student has his/her own characteristics that set them apart from the rest. We are called to celebrate these differences because they make us unique. There is one student who has been through quite a lot but always has a smile on his face. This student is senior George Bealand!

Bealand was born in Baltimore, Maryland on December 19, 2004. He was born with Spina Bifida, a condition that affects the spinal cord and nervous system.  Some people with Spina Bifida can have little to no disability while others are very limited in the way they move and function. 

When George was a baby, he was adopted by a lovely couple, Jason and Kim Bealand. He grew up with five sisters and two brothers. In Maryland, George was homeschooled until age 10.  His family moved to Myrtle Beach, and he attended public school for the first time. Though he is a lovely person, George was often picked on for being different from everyone else. Other students made it hard to enjoy public school. McKayla, George’s sister, always helped him look on the bright side. He often found himself needing to endure the constant obstacles that public schools presented. 

Along the way of high school, George found some pretty amazing friends and teachers who really appreciate his contagious laugh and positive attitude. It is hard to find George on a bad day.

Donna Spang, one of our faculty members, explained, “I have never met anyone like him as a paraprofessional in special education/disabilities. Out of all the students I have been with, I have never met anyone like George. He always makes me laugh with that beautiful smile and infectious laugh. Always an adventure, never a dull moment and I look forward to the next one!” 

Dakyiah Charles is one of George’s best friends. She has stuck by his side through all his ups and downs.

Charles shared,“Goerge is smart, helpful, and a one of a kind person.”

Now George is preparing to take the world by storm. He doesn’t plan on going to college, but he does plan on getting a job in customer service. I’m sure everyone who’s ever met George knows that he would excel in this field of work because of his wonderful smile and kind heart. 

As he is about to continue on his journey, George leaves a word of advice to anyone who is just a little bit different.

“You can do anything anybody else can, You just have to find your own way to do it.”