The Jitterbug

Technology has advanced majorly over the past century. Senior citizens have lived through many advancements in phones, from only being able to call someone within a close distance, to calling someone halfway across the world. Cell phones have so many features that it can be incredibly difficult to comprehend. That’s why the Jitterbug cellular phone was created.

If you’re looking for a present for a grandparent this holiday season, there are two Jitterbug phones available, the Jitterbug smart3 for about $150.00, and a cell phone called Jitterbug flip2 for $99.99. 

The Jitterbug flip2 has a large screen with big buttons, easy accessibility, long lasting battery, a powerful speaker, and an urgent response button. The urgent response button is used for emergencies, like if someone had fallen and hit the button, they would be immediately connected with a highly-trained urgent response agent. They can pick up your location, call emergency services, and stay on the phone with you until they arrive.

The Jitterbug smart3 has a 6.2 inch screen, voice typing, video chat, high quality camera, long lasting battery, powerful speaker, urgent response button, and how-to-guides. The how-to-guide option is a feature where if someone gets lost, they can press the button and be connected to an urgent response agent. The agent will give step-by-step instructions on how to get back home. 

For Black Friday deals, get either phone for half off. You can also buy data plans starting at $2.49 per month and ending at $30.00 per month for unlimited data. Simplify how phones work with the Jitterbug.