Tis the Flu Season!

Tis the Flu Season!

Olivia Gallagher, Staff Writer/Media Production

Tis the season… for germs to spread. There has been an increase of absences for students and teachers due to illness, but what is it and is there any way to prevent the spread of the illnesses?  

The flu is one of the most contagious sicknesses. The flu is a transmissible disease caused by influenza viruses that can have an effect on the throat, nose and sometimes the lungs. It is believed the flu spreads by moist droplets created when infected people talk, cough, or sneeze. The droplets can stay on surfaces others touch and then may spread as others proceed to touch their mouth or eyes with those germs on their hands. During colder temperatures, the flu can be spread faster because dry air may weaken resistance. 

“The flu season is hitting the United States unusually early and much harder than it usually does,” explained Charlotte Marabitto, a writer for CNBC in her most recent article, “Why The Flu Season Is So Bad This Year.”

Though the virus is very contagious, there are some ways to prevent the spread, such as avoiding close contact with people who are sick, covering your mouth and nose while sneezing, and washing your hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs. Some exposure to germs is beneficial because it can help build your immune system but make sure you disinfect areas sick people may be around frequently.  

When you are sick, you need to stay home, but constant absences can make it difficult for students to succeed in school. They are missing crucial instruction time making school work more challenging. Students with the most absences are at the greatest risk of falling behind and dropping out of school. 

Hunter Skolsky, a junior, has been absent a few times this year due to illness.

“I feel pressured to come to school even when I’m sick because I hate missing class and feeling behind,” Skolsky shared. 

It can be hard for classes to run smoothly with constant absences from students. This is why it’s very crucial that you take care of yourself especially during the flu season! Please cover your mouth and wash your hands as often as you can. If you are sick, stay home and heal to stop the spread.