2023 Winter Art Show!


Carolina Forest High School holds two art shows every year, a Winter Art Show and a Spring Art Show. The Winter Art Show, hosted and organized by our National Art Honor Society, was held on Tuesday, January 10. Students from each art class participated in the show, as well as NAHS members. All of the artwork was mounted in the community room. 

Abigail Dew and Sara Farrington are art teachers and also the head lead for the NAHS, so a huge thanks to them for hosting this year’s Art Show. 

Mrs. Dew comments, “My favorite thing about teaching art is that I get to share my love of ceramics with others. It is so exciting to help students make art that they can actually use in their everyday lives.”

The art show presented different pieces made with various materials. The Art Show put up 2D, 3D and Photo. 2D is two-dimensional, which is a painting or drawing. 3D is a solid object that can be viewed at all sides and can be touched such as ceramics or sculpture. Photo is to showcase the student’s ability at editing and taking intriguing pictures using different methods of composition.

Sally Pham, a senior, won third place with her piece titled A-peel-Able. Her art piece was multimedia, and she used acrylic paint and oil pastel for her piece.

Lillian Johnson, a sophomore, won second place with her art piece titled Demented Shadows, which was a Mixed Media piece demonstrating her different techniques. 

Emma Kirchner, a sophomore, placed first with her piece titled Loss. The piece was multimedia, and it brings out many details and an interesting meaning behind it, using watercolor.

Kirchner adds, “It took me about ten class periods to complete my piece and the meaning is supposed to be about loss.”

Congratulations to everyone who participated and won awards.  It was a fun night for the community!