The Ultimate (California Pizza) Review


Who doesn’t like comfort food on a rainy day?

While I was walking around Market Commons, I happened to stumble across a restaurant called Ultimate California Pizza. A welcoming host walked my boyfriend and me to a booth for two. It was pretty quiet and we had the entire restaurant to ourselves.

It took me about five minutes to think about what I wanted to order because once I spotted the buffalo chicken sandwich, I knew that was going to be my top choice.

The kind server walked back over to my boyfriend and me to get us started on our order. He kindly thanked us for making his life easier by being so fast and decisive with what we would like to eat. I waited about ten minutes from the time the server left the table to when my food arrived. I could feel my face light up with excitement once I saw my sandwich with a side of Doritos chips coming toward me.

Once the waiter walked away, I took the first bite of my sandwich. The flavors were exploding in my mouth. I could taste everything from the pepper and hot sauce used to marinate the chicken all the way down to the water used to rinse off the lettuce beforehand. The cheese was the melted glue that held the whole sandwich together. Tangy flavors came from the hot sauce, but not far behind them were the sensations of heat that filled my mouth. As I was getting to my spice limit, the cheese cooled down the tingling just enough to enjoy it.

I set my sandwich down to open my Doritos. Once I opened the bag, I could smell the cheesy goodness of the air from inside. I dove into the bag and grabbed the first chip I could get my hands on. The chips tasted like that bag of Doritos was just shipped in directly from the company the hour before. They were so crunchy and fresh tasting. I grabbed another one and handed it to my boyfriend to indulge in the nacho cheese-flavored chips with me.

My boyfriend offered me his cheese-filled breadsticks, but I kindly declined so that I could finish my entire sandwich. Judging based on the five breadsticks he ate alone, I would say he enjoyed them. Once we were close to being finished, the waiter brought over our checks for us. We paid, boxed our food up, and headed out the doors as full and happy customers.

From my experience at Ultimate California Pizza, I highly recommend meeting up with your friends and going out to eat there. The menu is full of variety, including two pizzas that catch the eye right away: The Big Kahuna (homemade red sauce with mozzarella, smoked Gouda, five different types of meat, multiple vegetables, and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese) and The Alcatraz (Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, mozzarella, Monterey jack, pulled pork, and red onions). The food was amazing and the employees were even better!