Robokatz Strike Again


Addison Morse, Staff Writer/ Media Producer

At Carolina Forest High School, we offer many different types of extracurricular activities that allow our students to learn and adapt to different environments. One of our less talked about clubs is robotics, which is a team created in 2012 by two of our science teachers at Carolina Forest: Mr. Jeff Layton and Mr. Nathan Ernest.  

Robotics is a year long club that consists of pre-season, which allows team members to learn and expand on their engineering skills. Then there is build-season, which is when they learn about their competition and begin creating the robot. After the build season ends,  they like to still meet after school to go over what they learned and what they want to improve on next school year.

Anna Maroz, sophomore, claims, “Robotics has made me more confident in my ideas and excited to learn!”

In Robotics, students are taught how to make lines of code, which allows you to make a robot that is fully functioning.  They are able to compete in competitions, where students talk to new people across the United States and strategize different ways on how to compete.

Another commonly used tool in Robotics is cading, which is a 3D designing technique that is often used in engineering, as well as many different tools that otherwise you may not have received during your high school career.

Senior Timmy Mclnerney, team captain, says, “My favorite thing about robotics is our tight knit family environment and the opportunities and challenges presented to everyone. Robotics is a great activity to be a part of.”

Not only does this club allows students to learn and expand their knowledge on engineering, it gives close friendships with people you may have never talked to in your life if it weren’t for joining the club.

If you are interested in joining Robotics, they meet everyday after school. It has a $40 fee that is required that you can pay during the first meeting. To join robotics, email either [email protected] or [email protected] .