Hoover Mania

Alana McDaniel

To say Colleen Hoover is currently the best selling novelist in the United States is an understatement. Today, if you walk into any book store, one of the first things that will catch your eye will be the stacks of Colleen Hoover books. According to “The New York Times,”  “Hoover holds six of the top 10 spots on paperback fiction best-seller list.” 

The book that made Hoover’s fans fall in love with her is her best selling book “It Ends with Us,” which is set to come out sometime in 2024 with a movie! “It Ends With Us” is about a young woman, Lily Bloom who has just recently graduated college where she moves to Boston to meet the breathtaking neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincaid. The more Lily and Ryle’s relationship grows, the more she questions who Ryle really is and if he is dangerous for her. Lily can’t help but think of the past she left behind and her first love, Atlas Corrigan. Atlas was Lily’s first love,  the perfect kind hearted boy who came into Lily’s life at just the right time.  Lily catches herself in a situation after suddenly running into Atlas when she is reconsidering her life and love story she has built with Ryle. 

Hoover has just recently released the actors who will be playing the three main characters of the book, Lily Bloom will be played as Blake Lively, Justin Baldonias Ryle Kincaid and Shane West as Atlas Corrigan. Fans are thrilled to see how the movie turns out; it will for sure be a sold out movie theater!! 

“Verity” is Hoover’s second best selling book for good reasoning! This book is truly twisted, thrilling and mind-blowing; the first page will instantly have you hooked. “Verity” is about a struggling writer living in New York, Lowen Ashleigh, who one day runs into Jeremey Crawford on the way to a work meeting who later changes her life forever. He is married to famous writer, Verity Crawford, who currently is in a deep coma due to a recent accident, Jeremy offers Lowen a once in a lifetime opportunity to finish Verity’s book series. As Lowen moves into the Crawford home to begin working in Verity’s office, she finds Verity’s hidden autobiography manuscript that will keep her wanting to read more and more as she finds out the dark truth of Verity Crawford. As Lowen gets deeper into reading the dark, gut wrenching truth about Verity and her inside thoughts, the more Lowen feels as if she is being drawn to Jermey. This book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions once you pick it up you will not want to put it down.  It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the last page will leave you rethinking everything. 

Marietta Rutenberg, a junior, is a huge fan of Colleen Hoover books as well.

“I really enjoyed “Verity” because of the plot twists. There were tons of small surprises that kept me reading. It also had an eerie vibe towards the end, which I really liked,” shares Rutenberg.

Personally, I understand the hype towards Colleen Hoover, I am a huge fan of both of these books. Growing up, I was never a big reader. This past summer, I decided to read my first Hoover book,“Verity;” I was automatically hooked. I finished this book in one day and was absolutely speechless, catching myself gasping at the twist and turns. I have really enjoyed reading all of her books. I think the thing I like most about Hoover’s work is that all of her books are so different. I recommend her books to anyone.