The Importance of Music

The Importance of Music

Emily Waters, Staff Writer/Media Producer

All kinds of genres and artists express themselves through making songs, poems, and meaningful lyrics. Music can help many people including children, teenagers, and adults to help focus on something, such as working, driving in the car, taking a shower, getting ready, and even for “locking in” before a game. 

Music first arose from the Paleolithic period which was roughly 2.5 million years ago. Since then music has flourished and is now popular all over the world, including a myriad of genres and artists. Some popular genres currently include country, rap, pop, hip hop, r&b, and rock. According to Hopkins, music has shown to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, and memory.

Carson Hunt, a freshman, revealed, “Music helps me focus because some of the artists’ voices that I listen to are calming and helps me block out other people while they are talking.” 

Valen Kochan, a junior, announced, “It helps me tune out any background sound around me and channel my focus on what I’m working on.”

Since these students both have similar opinions on how music helps them focus on things, we can infer that many other people of all ages probably agree and feel the same way.

Sophomore Zanier Blake, stated, “It’s important because music can help people let out whatever they’re feeling and music can take you to a happy place in your mind. For example when I listen to music it makes me feel like I’m soaring above the clouds without a care in the world.”

Kaz Sanders, another sophomore, expressed, “I think music is important because it can be an escape for many people. If you listen to it or even make it, it can help express emotions and let the built up bad emotions flow out somewhere. That’s why I think music is important.”

These two teenagers both had great opinions. I personally also agree with all these students because music helps me focus and can be an escape to get out of the everyday ordinary life. 

Music has been proven to be very beneficial for students. It’s an amazing way to destress and help focus. Music has always been a positive influence for students, children, and adults. How does music impact you?


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