Sloth Valley Coming to the Beach!

Tatianna Jewell, Staff Writer/Media Production

Have you heard the news? A new creature is coming to the Myrtle Beach Ripley’s Aquarium location in the late spring of 2023.

Ripley’s has announced that a two-toed sloth will become a new habitat inside their aquarium. The scientific name for the two-toed sloth is Choloepus. The mammal is most known for being located in Central America, Northern South America, Peru and Brazil. Their natural habitat is in a tropical rainforest. On average, a toe-toed sloth sleeps around 15 hours a day. Many other zoos, such as the Lincoln Park Zoo and the San Diego Zoo already have acquired a two-toed sloth for their guests to visit.

Ripley’s has neither come out with a name for the sloth nor have they revealed what the habitat will look like. They have announced that they will call the new home “Sloth Valley.” The cuddly creature will most likely be a staple to the aquarium for 20-30 years as they live for so long. 

The two-toed sloth is known for having two toes, but what most people don’t know is that their claws are so strong that they have been found still hanging from the tree while deceased. The rumors about sloths being slow are also very true. It takes 30 days for the sloth to digest just one leaf! 

Taking care of such an exotic animal can become fairly expensive and very high maintenance. Ripley’s will need to have sloth caretakers nearby at all times just to keep the sloth in good health. Even though the sloth’s diet will only consist of leaves and some protein-rich foods, they could potentially starve because of how slow they digest food.

Many people, including The Prowler staff, are full of excitement to be able to observe “Sloth Valley” in action. 

Avery Hendrix, a junior, expressed, “Once I found out that a sloth would be coming, I am very excited to go see it with my family.”

Everyone is ready to race and see “Sloth Valley.” Let the anticipation begin!

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