Lauren Kern

My parents constantly pled to be with me

But I have no desire to stay home during the day

Instead, I would rather be out on the streets at night by myself

Because my mind just goes quiet

No loud noises mean I can relax 

even if the world was ending

I would still be calm because nothing can reach me there

I’m protected 

In a world that doesn’t know who I am.

Not because it truly doesn’t know but because it doesn’t care.

No one does

But it’s better like that 

You don’t have to live up to expectations

Or worry about cameras following you to the grocery store

That’s why I feel sorry for famous people

Because they will never get to know the feeling of being entirely alone 

To the point where you beg to be noticed by just someone or something

But as time goes on you seem to find that you don’t hate it as much as you thought

Now it brings you comfort in more ways that you could explain

So no I don’t want to be home 

I just want to be