My Cherie Armour

Sui Jiang

The words,
I love you.
Lose value.
They lose meaning.
It’s hard to find yourself again.
To find rejuvenation,
love had once brought you.
To me.
Words are powerful things.
Actions are controlled by words.
A lifetime of “I love you”s
Can be broken of in one conversation,
Can tear the hope,
The future,
The trust
In one sentence.
I won’t be surprised nor will I express resentment
Such trivial, tedious emotions are not worth my time.
The man, who told me those words so carelessly
Is not to blame.
Because I believed it.
I was a fool.
I was stupid.
My mind was not mine.
Love does that to you.
I just wish he never said those words.
The loss I felt,
The tears I cried,
The love I gave
It was for nothing.
And it will be all the same once more.
I will be abandoned
I will be left with all the “I love you”s in the world
But in the end, still to myself.
Instilled with broken promises,
A cold beating heart
Sarcastic remarks
Alone in darkness
A hopeless romantic departs
But a man’s love
Cannot be said without being done
Compared to the purest dove
A woman’s love is her words till none.