The Long Awaited Return of “Outer Banks”


Alana McDaniel, Staff Writer/Media Production

Everyone’s favorite show has arrived with its third season!! “Outer Banks” is a show loved by all ages. In 2020, this show got the world hooked on the action-adventure mystery teen drama. According to Huffington Post, ““Outer Banks” is the most popular show on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.” 

The show is based on a group of teenage friends, John B. , JJ, Pope Kiara, and Sarah, known as “Pogues.” Even though Sarah and Kiara live on the other side of the island known as Figure 8 filled with rich “Kooks,” they don’t consider themselves as kooks because of the people they hang out with. This group of friends is  determined to find the treasure of the Royal Merchant, a sunken ship worth $400 million that happens to be linked to John B father’s recent disappearance. 

Season 2 is spent with Sarah and John B on the run in the Bahamas still determined to find the gold and take it home to their friends. While back home in Outer Banks, things are heating up for JJ, Kiara, and Pope. Meanwhile Sarah’s dad, Ward Cameron, is also fighting to find the gold first. 

After a suspenseful Season 2 finale that leaves the group of Pogues stranded on an island after losing all their gold to the Camerons, the hunt for the treasure is nowhere close to being over for these Pogues. This time the quest will lead them to El Dorado, the lost city of gold. The Pogues have an exciting adventure in Season 3 with many twists and turns keeping the fans on their toes.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, “The new season of Outer Banks isn’t going to suddenly win over new fans, but those who have been enjoying the insanity since Season 1 should come out of it mostly pleased with the whole thing.”

Sophomore Emily Waters says, “I thought Season 3 was very good but overhyped. I was expecting more to happen than what actually did. However, I did like the season, and I’m excited to see how Season 4 goes.”

It has officially been confirmed that there will be a Season 4 of “Outer Banks.”  Personally,  I don’t think the fans’ expectations were met for Season 3. It was good, but fans from the very beginning would probably have to agree that this was not the best season. Hopefully with another season to come, they will give the fans what they are looking for a very thrilling ride of adventure and romance!

Picture credit: Google