The Pros and Cons of being an Athlete


A variety of sports equipment on a black background including an american football, a soccer ball, a baseball, a baseball bat, a tennis raquet, a tennis ball, and a basketball

Emily Waters, Staff Writer/Media Producer

Playing a sport can be stressful at times, but once an athlete enters a competitive mindset, everything goes away and all the worries go blank. A lot of times everyone wonders how you can manage everything while still playing a sport.

Some of the pros that come along with being an athlete are endurance, teamwork building, full body workouts, strategy, better vision, and training. 

However, some of the cons of being an athlete are injuries, expense, time commitment, weather problems, and stress, as well as sleep issues. 

 Senior Talia Udell, stated, “As a former athlete, the pros of it are being able to have a community with a common goal. A con would be comparing yourself amongst your peers and having that kind of pressure.”

To be an athlete, it takes lots of time and effort, such as not comparing yourself to other people, trying not to bring yourself down, and always keeping your head up high even when you lost a game or make a mistake.

Clarie Davis, a junior softball player, expressed, “I think at times it’s definitely draining to be an athlete just because I am always busy and hardly ever home and my life basically consists of school and sports.”

It can be inferred that being an athlete can drain you and keep you back from focusing on school and keeping up with your grades. 

Brianna Dougherty, a junior, shared, “A con from being an athlete is practice and not too much time for homework.

Ella Monday is a sophomore who spends most of her afternoons on the track.

Monday added, “It takes up a lot of time and energy.”

Being an athlete while still maintaining grades, getting enough sleep, focusing on school, hanging out with friends, and having practice is a lot to take in for one person. It clearly takes a lot of time management skills to juggle everything and keep life organized. 


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