Tatianna Jewell, Staff Writer/Media Production

From a gymnast to an artist, Sona, also known as SZA, has become a worldwide sensation. Today, she is most well known for her hit song “Kill Bill,” which was included in her new album named “SOS.” 

SZA has been making music for 13 years. Her first album “See.SZA.Run” was launched in 2012. She was mostly known as an underground artist until she released her fourth album “Ctrl.” Sona’s fan base increased immensely afterward. 

After a few years of silence, SZA released a single called “Good Days.” Fans were ecstatic about the delivery of a new song. Rumors started surfacing about an album release, but nobody knew exactly when it would come out. 

After five years and six months, her most recent album “SOS” was publicized. Shortly after, she announced that she was going on tour all around the United States for the new album “SOS.” 

The race to secure tickets was brutal, but in the end, my best friend and I scored two tickets to the Boston concert. We bought them during the Ticket Master presale. For both tickets, a parking pass, as well as any other fees, we paid $721.45. 

We arrived at the venue four hours early with my parents to grab a bite to eat. The food hall had a phenomenal selection of restaurants. After picking up our pizza, we sat down to eat. While eating, I spotted a TikTok influencer, Mikayla Noguiera, whom my mom watches every day. I was so starstruck that I couldn’t form a proper sentence. I embarrassingly chased her down the street to ask for a picture. 

Before the concert, a line formed full of excited teenagers waiting for SZA. As soon as they opened the door, the fans piled into the arena. We were almost stampeded by people rushing for the door. We arrived at our seats with excitement pouring out of our cheeks. The view of the stage was amazing. The venue displayed multiple popular songs that everyone was dancing to while waiting for the big moment. 

As soon as the lights cut off, the crowd roared. The stage curtains began to lift and SZA’s feet dangling off of a diving board were revealed. I screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw her.

Throughout the concert, the energy was amazing. The fans were going crazy for each song, and the choreography was insanely good. Not only did SZA sing for her fans, but she too was dancing the whole time. The sets were beautiful but so was her voice. SZA sounded so angelic and unreal. 

Spending almost one thousand dollars was definitely worth it to be able to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. If I could do it all again, I would. My favorite song she performed was “F2F” because the entire song made me feel like I was in a movie. The memories were the most valuable part of it all. I recommend living your life to the fullest and seeing your favorite artist perform live.