Artists in The Forest

Carolina Forest High School cares greatly about our art programs. The classes range from ceramics to digital photography.

CFHS offers the base art classes, which include Art 1, Art 2 and Art 3. During Art 2, you are able to learn and experiment more with your drawing styles, while in Art 3 you are taught how to sculpt different things.

Mrs. Abigail Dew is one of our art teachers and the advisor of CF’s National Art Honor Society.

“We have so many amazing art teachers and studio art classes offered at CF. You can take classes in photography, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, and others. There is something for everyone, even if you feel like you are a beginner, or not that talented. So many students have told me that their art class is the reason they come to school, and that shows how important our Visual Arts program is. I feel so fortunate to teach a subject that I am passionate about and to have students that make my job fun every day.”

Peyton Quickery, a senior, says, “Art is life. Art is love. Mrs. Dew has inspired me to be the artist I never thought I could be, she has true passion and dedication to her craft and the National Art Honor Society, of which I am a vital and integral member. Art is the wind in your hair on a cool summer day.”

We also offer some more specific art classes such as ceramics, digital photography, AP drawing, AP Art 3D and art appreciation. When in these classes instead of getting a well-rounded education on all the art aspects, you will get a more individual and deep learning experience containing one form of art.

Our National Honors Art Society has a huge part of the environment at our school. Along with sponsoring an eclectic art show each year, they also have the opportunity to paint our teachers’ windows of their classroom.

Sophomore Xic Henderson adds, “The art programs are wonderful, especially the National Art Honors Society! Being a member of the society, I have been able to meet so many new people and explore new ways to create! It’s truly amazing being able to see so many creative artworks and people and I truly look forward to every meeting.”

While these classes may tend to be overlooked or seen as just a required class, the environment that both the teachers, as well as the students, have created is truly amazing.