The Return of the Miss CFHS Pageant


Emily Waters, Staff Writer/Media Producer

It’s back! The return of the 2023 Miss Carolina Forest High School Pageant is back. Carolina Forest has had pageants in the past; but it’s been 10 years since we last held a pageant. 

The director, Dr.Ward, commented, “Pageants take a lot of planning, which is something that the director has to do months in advance. For instance, getting the contestants information for the judges to review, putting together some sort of program, ordering all of the awards (crowns, sashes, and trophies), and holding rehearsals. Other than that the contestants prepare themselves by finding the perfect evening gown or casual wear to practice for their private interview with the judges to practice their talent. So many things go into preparing for a pageant that the director really has no control over, but the things we can control are on the planning side of things.” 

Being a participant can be very stressful. You have to face many things like walking on a stage with an audience watching, having precise timing, getting the perfect look for the casual and evening wear, and having a talent.

Dr. Ward, also expressed, “I am most excited for the return of our Miss CFHS Pageant to our stage. It has been 10 years since we last had a Miss CFHS pageant and this year is our 25th Anniversary. What is also exciting is that our first ever Miss CFHS, Nicole Moore McMahon, who was in the first graduating class from CFHS, is going to be our Emcee for the evening. 

It is my plan to make this a tradition that never goes away again.

Don’t Forget to come out and support your fellow classmates on Saturday, May 6, at 6pm! The pageant will be held in the auditorium. Hope to see you there, Panthers!