Seniors Make It to Disney


Tatianna Jewell, Staff Writer/Media Production

Disney World is the most magical place on earth with fun-filled adventures and delicious food made for all ages. Luckily, our seniors took the chance to loosen up and have fun in the parks. We gave them a proper Panther send-off on April 12, and the fun began!

 Most seniors look forward to this trip starting all the way from freshmen year. The anticipation builds up for four years until the time finally comes. This year, the Class of 2023 got to experience the childhood dream. Since our seniors have been stressed about graduation, college, what to do after high school and many other things, this was the perfect opportunity to release their inner child one last time before becoming an adult.

The teachers, such as Kristen Kilheeny, Amy Perry, Delanie Lewis, Renea Stephens and Ashley Saylor spent numerous hours planning to make this trip a fantasy. Daniel Godfree, one of our assistant principals, also chaperoned. 

There are many moving parts to coordinating a trip of this magnitude, but we have a great team that puts it all into motion. Supervising the trip is always a joy because we have the best students and chaperones, and they make the job very easy,” shared Amy Perry. 

Destiny Malcom, a senior who attended the trip, expressed, “My favorite part was the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. It was Winnie-the-Pooh themed, and I met all the characters.”

All of our seniors had a wonderful time experiencing new foods and rides. They also got to spend time and have “sleepovers” with their friends. No matter how old you are, the excitement never dies. 

Brady Will, a senior, added, “My favorite part was spending time with friends, new and old alike.”

Despite the stress factors of school ending, the yearly Disney trip is always a great way to help end the year.