A Sparkly Night In The Forest


Emily Waters, Staff Writer/Media Producer

The 2023 Miss Carolina Forest Pageant was magical.  This event was an enchanting experience that wowed the audience. The winner of  Miss CFHS is Raegan Hatchell! 

Each grade level also had an overall winner and one overall Miss Panther. The following girls who walked on this stage to compete include:  Megan Baker, Emma Cisler, Cadence Kenion, Novaluz Green, Destini Fisher, Emily Parker, Allison Funderburk, Virginia Gunnell, Quintasia Graham, Angelina Guarino, Anne Caroline Jordan, and Brianna Dougherty, and Reagan Hatchell. 

The winner of  Miss CFHS was senior Raegan Hatchell!  Miss Panther was Cadence Kenion. Miss Freshman was Emma Cisler, Miss Sophomore was Emily Parker, Miss Junior was Anne Caroline Jordan, 

Hatchell expressed, “It feels amazing, like I have accomplished something, especially since there has not been a CFHS pageant in 10 years.” “I wanted to participate in this pageant because this was the last chance I could’ve gotten to be in the pageant. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

 Tanner Jemison did a great job performing  a dance to keep the crowd intrigued. Another student, Joe Schindler, performed two amazing songs such as “I have Nothing” and “Chasing Pavements” and blew the audience away. 

A freshman, Cadence Kenion, stated, “I felt very happy when I won Miss. Panther because I knew all my hard work and dedication that I put towards the pageant paid off. I prepared for the pageant by practicing late nights and early mornings until I was satisfied with what I would be bringing on the stage.”  

The girls all had casual wear and evening gowns as well as one People’s Choice Award. The show and competition included a choreographed opening number by CFHS Alumna Nicole Herrera. The competitors also included a talent section. 

The wonderful judges who had a tough time declaring a winner are the following: G. Wayne Canady, Cole Davis, Brandi Lovett,  Curtis Slade, and Kristel Vick. 

Furthermore, we can’t forget our amazing directors and staff who helped create this unforgettable memory for all kinds of people. Thank you to Dr. Matt Ward and Dr. Melissa Sanders. The guest emcee was one of the former winners of Miss CFHS, Nicole Moore McMahon. 

It was truly an exciting night for the participants and audience.