A Take Back to the 70s


Addison Morse, Staff Writer/ Media Producer

When anyone hears the names Billy Joel or Stevie Nicks, most people don’t need an introduction to either. Both are some of the most popular artists when it comes to 70s rock music. On May 19 in Nashville, Tennessee, they both performed in one of the best concerts I’ve ever been able to attend.

Billy Joel is known to be the true “Piano Man.” Not only is he an amazing singer, but he also has impressive piano skills. He has been performing for 50 years and has 12 amazing albums that are still loved to this day. 

Stevie Nicks was in one of the most popular and talked about bands to this day, Fleetwood Mac. While mostly known due to the band’s popularity, she has also had an amazing solo career, nominated for numerous awards like the “Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artists,” “Best Rock Vocal Performance Female” and “Best Pop Album.” She also produced many hits such as “Edge of Seventeen,” “Dreams,” as well as “Leather and Lace.”

Being able to see the two artists perform together in person was a true dream come true, not only for me but for most of the people who attended! Both are known for putting on amazing shows and great performances and both living up to those titles during this concert

 The show began with Stevie Nicks singing the song “Outside the Rain.” Throughout the show she sang a total of 16 songs, ranging from the ones from her in Fleetwood Mac to the ones she made throughout her solo career. Later on throughout the show, she brought out Sheryl Crow, a fellow singer who had nearly joined the band alongside Stevie Nicks. She ended singing by having the duo sing the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac together.

After about a 30 minute intermission to switch out between Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel, everyone was waiting at the edge of their seats filled with excitement to see the “piano man.”

After Billy Joel made his entrance, everyone was ecstatic! He started with the classic hit song “Miami 2017.” Throughout the night, he sang an immense amount of well loved classics, such as “Uptown Girl,” “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” and  “Vienna.” He had also made a continuous point to have memorable interactions with his fans as best as he could. As expected, his performance was truly outstanding.

The show had come to an end once Billy Joel  finally sang “You May be Right.” By the time he had finished his song, it had already been nearly 1 a.m. 

Everyone in the concert was in true awe of the performances that were shown that night from both Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel. This concert was truly one to remember!!