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Balancing Act

Balancing Act

In the real world, many people work and go to school at the same time. Most adults have to find their way through their busy schedules, but what about the younger generation of workers who are just starting off? Can students in high school manage their time in order to juggle a job and their studies or will this balancing act take a toll on their education? 

Having a job and also being a full time student is becoming more and more common in today’s world. Many students in high school also work up to forty hours a week while trying to maintain their grades and GPA. 

According to a widespread sample of students from Carolina Forest High School, almost all students who work a job during the school year work an average of 16-40 hours a week and often get home between the hours of six and eleven o’clock. Many admit that they do not have time for homework or studying after their shift and feel tired the following morning.

Patrick Mullen, a __________, shared that he balances school and work by “doing schoolwork in school so I can focus on work outside of school.”

Students feel that having a plan regarding time management or keeping your employer informed with your schoolwork load is how they cope. 

With the journey and question of what happens after high school ahead of them, the stress students face is inevitable. The struggle of balancing both the commitment of a part time job and that of a full time student is experienced more frequently by teenagers today. Although juggling both can present its own problems, learning to experience time management obstacles that adults do from early on can reinforce positive characteristics as well. 

According to Big Future, which is a part of College Board, having a job while being in school can benefit you in many ways, such as “commitment, time management, responsibility, and handling money.”

Another piece of advice from Bellevue University indicated “keeping a detailed schedule” will help with all of the confusion and tension faced. 

Working a part time job like at a fast food restaurant may create a smoother transition into adulthood for high schoolers than most realize. Having a part-time job and a full time education has proven difficult, but many are making it work. 

Picture Credits: Learning Nexus

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