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The student news site of Carolina Forest High School

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The student news site of Carolina Forest High School

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The Switch to Schoology


When COVID-19 pandemic occurred, having access to school work online became prominent, and we became glued to a digital means of learning, using Google Classroom as the main platform for our work. However, this school year, Schoology is replacing Google Classroom, and it has been a struggle for many. Teachers and students are navigating through all the new changes.

Junior Jalee Calla says, “My teachers are trying to post links in Schoology, but they can’t access the links. When they try to open the links, the documents and sites are blocked or go to a page restricted website.”

Lawson Barnes, a senior, implied, “Most of my teachers do not understand Schoology yet. They are now using paper assignments.”

The switch of programs is not just a decision that Horry County Schools made. This is a mandate that the South Carolina Department of Education put in place three years ago.   Schoology is a learning management system that integrates grades, attendance, and textbooks. This form of program can prepare students for college because this is the system that is used in college classrooms.

As a student who has used both programs before, I do have a different outlook than most students do. From elementary school until seventh grade, I used Schoology when I lived in Pennsylvania. When I first started school in Myrtle Beach, I was informed that our online work access was Google Classroom. This switch of programs is very similar to the switch that occurred this year.

When I first started using Google Classroom, I was unsure if I would like it or even understand it. I had been unsure due to the reason I knew Schoology so well, but I ended up accepting the change. When I found out that our district was going to be switching to using Schoology, I was excited, but not everyone in our student body was. 

Many students were stressed when they heard about the change in programs. That stress has continued for many over the past couple of weeks as there have been errors that have occurred and overall not understanding how to complete or turn in work on the program. 

Freshman Brianna Childers said, “I dislike Schoology because I have been struggling to submit my assignments.”

Jalee Sharp, a junior, added, “I like Schoology, but it is a struggle because it makes my Latitude very slow.”

Many students continue to struggle with small glitches in the program like Brianna and Jalee. These issues are being resolved as teachers and the district work together. It will take time as teachers and students navigate through the new program.

Technology does not always want to be our friend, but that doesn’t  mean we can’t take the time to learn and understand it. We are all working together and issues are being resolved. If you are having trouble with Schoology, ask for help!


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