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Flight Prices Going Sky high

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Commercial jet flying above clouds.

Many families and individuals travel for the holidays, typically around the months of November until January. Most go to visit family and friends they might not be able to see but once or twice a year. Others decide to take more of a vacation, perhaps somewhere tropical to enjoy their own festivities. Sadly, the luxury of flying where you need or want to go is becoming more and more expensive every year. 

According to an article about increased airfare prices on Smart Asset, “Airfare costs increased by 16% on average across the U.S.”

Former Carolina Forest High School student Victoria Sanseverino traveled to New York last year for Christmas to visit her family and friends. She claimed that she had spent over $600 for the flight alone and then an additional $20 for her luggage both ways. 

“I will never do that again. The airport was packed both coming in and leaving. On my way home, my flight got delayed seven hours. I was so mad because I was not able to make it home to my family for New Years,” Sanseverino shared. 

CNBC relayed some interesting information about the confusion on prices going up. “Additionally, consumers aren’t the only ones facing high gas prices at the tank — the airlines are feeling it, too. According to IATA, the price of jet fuel has increased nearly 150% in the last year.”

Obviously, there are more ways to travel than just by plane, but even the gas prices for cars are rocketing into what some people can no longer afford. The amount of miles per gallon is decreasing as the price of the gallon is increasing as high as thirty cents in some places. 

Personal Finance teacher Aaron Knapic goes home to Pennsylvania during the holiday season. He broke down some numbers and got an estimated price for what he would pay for another trip this year. 

Knapic guessed that it takes 633 miles to get to Pennsylvania and another 633 back to South Carolina. In the past, he would spend about $72 on gas there and back compared to now which he estimated that he would end up spending $144. 

With gas and flight prices steadily increasing, many are not able to afford to go home to their families for the holidays. This is the sad truth that is becoming more and more common. 

I personally travel every year back to New Jersey to see my family. When I was younger, I obviously didn’t pay for the flight or my luggage. Now that I am older however, I have paid for my last three trips; two of which were during the holiday season. 

The prices have increased tremendously. Some flights are as expensive as $380 without luggage being included, which is $90 each way. My grandmother, as well as myself, scanned all different kinds of airlines and deals to find a way to get me home for Christmas while not breaking the bank. 

Thankfully, we ended up finding a cheap enough flight so that I can continue the tradition of coming home for the holidays. However, the search for a flight was over the span of a few weeks and multiple websites, airlines, and even different airports. 

With increasing prices, the amount of travel might see a decrease in the upcoming holiday seasons. Ultimately, the decision to travel during the winter months is up to those willing to put in the extra effort to find ways to accommodate them. 

Whether you are traveling or not, have a very happy holiday break and stay safe!


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Hey, my name is Aliyeah! I am an active member of National, Social Studies, and Math Honors Society, as well as Vice President of Leadership in DECA. When I'm not working or doing a school activity, I enjoy reading and watching Netflix. After graduation, I plan on going to Penn State to pursue a major in psychology, but before that,  I'm excited for my second semester on Carolina Forest's Prowler Staff.