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Jessica Garret

March 24, 2019

A Feeling of Tiredness

Montana Baxley

March 20, 2019

A feeling of tiredness overflows from me, and in my daze it bestows, upon a dreaded visage of false hope, a future soon met with a well-tied rope.   The rope is long and slender. A device so normal soon used to ren...

Petrified Gray Face

Kaya Perry, Silver Streams Co-Editor

March 11, 2019

the blank stare she holds seems to be always watching you better not move

What’s in a Minute?

Kaya Perry, Silver Streams Co-Editor

March 10, 2019

Right now, a bird is chirping, a mom is feeding her baby, a man is typing on a computer, a teacher is teaching a class, an energy drink is being opened, a girl is falling asleep, a doctor is performing an important...

a poem for you


March 10, 2019

you. thank you, so much for helping me finally, be happy again   i never thought that it was possible after everything   you brought this beautiful feeling back into my life ...

Why Do You Yell?

Jaila Horton

March 3, 2019

Why Do You Yell?   Why do you yell? To get your point further ahead? Or to see if I’m listening?   Why do you yell?   I don’t understand, The loudness has become a stranger, One I do not...

Cruel World

Courtney Bowen

March 3, 2019

Why is this world so cruel? Are we not all people? Everyone is alike in some way. Yes, many are unique in their own ways. Yet, We are ALL human! Just because we look different you should not treat others wrongly. Pe...


Alexus Bristol

March 1, 2019

I fulminated against the Order, and this was the price I had to pay. “This drastic enough for ya?” I whispered to the executioner. Maybe I was being a bit sanguine, but honestly, my heartbeat was pounding at the thought...

Pain Beneath the Eyes

Courtney Bowen

March 1, 2019

I wonder why people can’t see that sometimes people are just begging for someone to save them. When you see someone who laughs, who smiles but still looked pained. Look past the smiles and look into their eyes because you'll ...


Courtney Bowen

March 1, 2019

The thrill and excitement of learning new things, seeing new places. The pictures I could take, the words I could write. The sites I could see, people I could meet. I wanna travel....

I Love You

Cary DeLuke

February 26, 2019

“I love you” rang through the silent room, sending the words to the person who sat on the other side. “No, you don’t,” the person responded as it broke him; venom dripping with every word. “I love you.” sh...


February 18, 2019

I should've taken the smile you gave me more seriously. I can't eat right, I can't sleep your voice haunts my dreams. The gleam in your eyes will forever be my demise. Can't help but run and hide. So much...

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