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The student news site of Carolina Forest High School

The Prowler

The student news site of Carolina Forest High School

The Prowler

The student news site of Carolina Forest High School


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Silver Streams Submissions
The Silver Streams will be updated frequently and will highlight our students’ art and writing talent. In the link below, you may submit any artwork, photography, writings, and/or music that you would like to be featured in the our on-line literary magazine.
Note: If you would like your piece formatted a certain way, you may also provide a hard copy to Ms. Twigg’s room in Tech 3.
Submit your entries to the following:  [email protected], [email protected], OR complete the Google Form
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Hey everyone! My name is Gabby Hanson. I am so excited to be a part of The Prowler during my last semester of high school! I have been a Prowler staff member since my freshman year and have loved...

Definition of Depression


A word no one quite understands

Unless you’re stuck in it

It feels like a void

Dragging you into a hurtful word

Hurtful world 

That forces you to hurt yourself

When I say the word 


I get

“You have no reason to be sad”

What about all the violence 

I see at home

I see at school

I see on the TV


Where I see people’s rights get stripped away

So I have to fight every day 

To keep mine


Is a void that no one can see us in

A void that covers us in a silencing box 

A void that cuts into our skin

 when no one else is around


Is slowly drowning in the sea of tears

people create


A plague that directs itself toward innocents

Causing them to either 

kill themselves


Kill each other 


The plague that makes my happiness 

As fragile as a broken eggshell


A black fire

It burns my fair skin 

As your sun does you


Laying in bed sleeping through the day

Only to be thrown out the next 


Telling people you’re fine



Cancer that plagues your thoughts


– Abigail Rose Sabo

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