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The student news site of Carolina Forest High School

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The student news site of Carolina Forest High School

The Prowler

The Return of the Blackhole


During football games, The Carolina Forest Blackhole has been one of the most memorable experiences for our students since 1997. The Blackhole has served as a school community building event by bringing students together at sporting events, along with spreading school spirit by planning themes for our home games.

Who are the voices behind the Carolina Forest Blackhole? 

Originally, the Blackhole was loosely organized by a small group of students taking the initiative to support sporting events around campus. Starting this school year, the Blackhole has become an official club called The Blackhole Club at Carolina Forest and is open for all students to join.The Blackhole is led by spirit leader, Isabella Hansen and advised by Delanie Lewis. 

“I’m excited for our students to have fun this year! High school becomes so much more fun when students get involved with clubs and extracurricular activities,” shared Lewis.

Due to the fact that Carolina Forest is the fifth largest public high school in the state, there sometimes seems to be a disconnection between all the sporting events and the students. It is important that the Blackhole Club gives students the opportunity to participate in the student section.The goal of the Blackhole this year is to create game traditions that will live on with the school forever. One new tradition being added this year is creating hand-painted banners to match the theme of each game. The Blackhole Club will be teaching students at each game cheering chants. This will make the student section interactive, create school spirit, and unite the students. The Blackhole this year also hopes to increase the number of students attending different sporting events in the student section. It wants to support all the athletes and make Carolina Forest more inclusive.

Senior Isabella Hansen, our spirit leader, added, “This year I hope to not only increase the numbers at sporting events but also increase school spirit. We are trying to get as many people to come and create an environment that students are comfortable in. This way students are more open to dressing up, participating in all the chants, and being loud for the sports teams.”

The Blackhole Club also works to keep students informed about important sporting event information. It does this by making posts on both TikTok and Instagram. The types of information the Blackhole Club posts is game themes, game times, important entrance information, and student section safety updates.

If spreading school spirit and planning events sound interesting to you, the Blackhole Club could be your perfect club. They meet during lunch when necessary. Join the Blackhole Club by texting on the reminder @cfbh2324 to 81010

You can be a part of The Carolina Forest Blackhole by working to make games more student directed and spirited for everyone involved.

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