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Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

Alexis Acree, Staff Writer

March 3, 2019

Last year, I began to be interested in the idea of travelling abroad for my last year of high school. To dip our toes in the water, my family decided it would be an immersive experience to host a student from Europe. It took hours worth of paperwork and lots of phone calls and emails to inquire about hav...

Balancing School, Work and Social Life

Lilly Hortis, Staff Writer

February 24, 2019

Throughout high school, teachers expect a lot from their students, but what many teachers don't see is their students’ struggle to balance their school, work and social life. Some parents require their children to have part time jobs during their high school years, whereas other students do it out of nec...

Sweetheart Week Video 2019

Abigail Kerwin, Staff Writer

February 21, 2019

On the Streets with Alexa Beale

Alexa Beale, Media Uploader

February 11, 2019

Panther Life: 1st Semester Recap

Emma Hamilton, Media Co-Editor

January 31, 2019

Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year

Emma Hamilton, Media co-assistant editor

January 29, 2019

Our 2018 Carolina Forest High Teacher of the Year is Tracy Stroud. She is also one of Horry County's Top 10 Semi-Finalist for the District Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Stroud teaches AP Spanish and Spanish. She fell in love with Spanish in college and attended many Spanish culture nights. That's where sh...

Powderpuff Football Is Back!

Powderpuff Football Is Back!

Emma Hamilton, Assistant Media Editor

January 26, 2019

On January 9th, our Fellowship of Christian Athletes  hosted a fundraiser powderpuff night.  Enthusiastic groups of girls from each grade level formed teams to have a night on the football field that will be remembered for a long time.   The powderpuff games were originally supposed to be played on De...

Student and Teacher Connections

Student and Teacher Connections

Jessica Cedeno, Staff Writer

January 21, 2019

Going to school is like a job to every student. Having a strong relationship with a teacher is one of the most important parts of school life. On average, we are in school approximately 35 hours of the week. With most of the day spent in school, the importance of trusting an adult on campus serves many ...

Best Wishes, Mai Lan

Best Wishes, Mai Lan

Jessica Cedeno, Staff Writer

January 21, 2019

The international exchange student program has became popular in recent years. Sophomore Mai Lan Nguyen participated in a one-month exchange last March. She enjoyed her stay that in August she returned for an entire semester. Coming from Diez Ca, Germany, Nguyen states that Carolina Forest and Germany ...

The ART(ist) of Never Giving Up

The ART(ist) of Never Giving Up

Cassidy Duff, Media Editor

January 15, 2019

Meghan Norris is an art teacher here at CFHS. At 4-years-old, she was diagnosed with acquired dystonia after having about 60 strokes over the course of five days. Ever since then, she has had hemidystonia. Hemidystonia is a form of dystonia that only affects the left or right side of the body. For ...

Panther’s Disney Channel Intros

Emma Hamilton, Jessica Cedeno and Rebekah Anderson, Staff Writers

January 14, 2019

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