Turfin’ It Up


Jalina Paljusaj, Staff Writer/ Media production

Over the summer, new artificial turf replaced the natural grass here on our football field. The artificial turf was installed by the county due to the number of teams that use the field. Synthetic turf is more popular on football fields with many advantages. The plastic of the turf makes it more robust and long-lasting. It also saves money because of its life span.

Some pros of artificial turf include the following: durability, benefits for those with allergies and its return on investment. The turf is harder than natural grass and can stand up to elements of weather better. Rather than turning brown and dying, the turf will remain lush all throughout the year. The synthetic turf is also more resilient and will not show the effect of use and damage as easily.

Gary Tomlin, a sophomore on the JV team, says the turf helps with agility.  “It is much easier to change directions at quick speeds. It drains rainwater much easier than the natural grass. With weather conditions like rain, the natural grass would become soggy and muddy.”

Nathan Schuessler, a senior on our varsity football team, also agrees, “The synthetic grass is better because they are now able to continue playing in the rain. 

The turf is made from synthetic fibers which are easier on the nose for those with allergies. This avoids the problems of grass pollen that aggravates allergies. It also is less maintenance because it does not need to be mowed regularly. 

The initial price of the artificial turf is what puts off many from making the purchase. What may seem like a big splurge at first will ultimately end up saving money as well as time. Watering, mowing, fertilizers, and any other additional care are no longer needed. The synthetic turf is extremely cost-effective with hardly any other investments after the initial installation.  

Coach Morris, head coach of the varsity team, shares, “So far the field has been great for our program.” The new turf has done nothing but benefit the football players so far this season.  It will be nice for all the spring sports to have a better experience when they start conditioning in January.