Michael’s Pizza Comes To The Forest

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Michael’s Pizza Comes To The Forest

Cassidy Duff, Editor

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The Prowler Staff visited Michael’s Pizza at the end of the first semester, owned by Michael and Laura Marchese and Thomas and Kristy Nuzzi, in Carolina Forest located in the Forest Square.

We started with appetizers: Philly cheese steak, garlic knots, onion rings and macaroni and cheese bites. There were nine of us, so all of that did not last very long. However, we all thoroughly enjoyed each of them. It was enough food to hold all of us over until our main course.

For dinner, we ordered three different pizzas to have a variety. We chose the buffalo chicken, chicken alfredo and sicilian pizzas. The buffalo chicken pizza was amazing, booming with flavor and the chicken alfredo pizza was very good as well. The sicilian pizza was very different but delicious. It was cut into square pieces and it was a deep dish pizza with lots of toppings. Everyone was stuffed afterwards and still had leftovers.

One of the Prowler staff members, Haylee Adkins, stated, “I’m glad we were able to hang out as a Prowler staff one last time and have some good buffalo chicken pizza. It was a great way to end the semester.”

One of the girls on the staff ordered the chocolate fudge layer cake. It was a fairly large slice for a very affordable price.

The service was outstanding. Everyone was very nice and made sure that we were comfortable. They  made nice conversation with us, our glasses were always full and our plates were immediately cleared to make room for future courses. We had a lot of people in our party, but the waiters and waitresses were very kind and patient.

A waitress at the restaurant, Alex Ilkhani, stated, “Our most popular album is definitely chicken or veal parmesan.”

The design of the restaurant was beautiful and detailed. The ceiling was painted like a sky; everything was so bright and fun. They even have a family photo of the owners on the wall and the menu. This really showed us how nice and family-oriented they are, so the warm and welcome feeling we felt wasn’t a surprise.

There is another Michael’s Pizza down by the beach on North Kings Highway. It was so successful and everyone loves it, so people were happy for this one to open up this past fall.

When we left, the staff was happy to take a picture with all of us, and they welcomed us to come back soon!

Our overall experience at Michael’s Pizza was very memorable, so each one of us are excited to dine there again. We definitely recommend eating there for dinner one night.


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