What Our Generation Can Do

Helen Bass, Media Co- Editor

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Having people who are younger than you making decisions is a scary thing, but in this time period, it is what we need the most. Our earth is slowly dying, our political scene is becoming more and more focused on the upper class, and the promises our country was founded on are not being kept. We need a younger generation growing up in this more diversified world to step up to make the decisions.

We are the ones that will be living with the consequences of today’s choices. Our government is composed almost entirely of people that are millionaires. The typical average American is represented with about five percent of our Congress. That doesn’t make sense. For a country that is called a melting pot and claims to be a place of liberty and justice for all, why are we only letting the top one percent of our country be represented? The middle class is shrinking, and the economic divide is growing.

The reason change no longer occurs in America is honestly because the people in need of that change, which is comprised of a majority of our countries population, have little to no representation in today’s government. Look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example. Less than two years ago the Congresswoman was struggling to make ends meet as a waitress. She still to this day doesn’t live in luxury.

She’s young, and understands the struggle of an average American. You cannot say that about most elected officials. Having someone with a mindset of caring more about the people of the country rather than the large corporations of a country is crucial to reach our goal of equality for all. Having someone with an open mind who is serving the people who elected them rather than serving their own selfish and materialistic needs is so crucial to maintaining a country that is truly for all.

We forget why this country was founded. It was originally a safe haven for people escaping a government that cares only about a particular group that they consider to be supreme. It was developed  to escape a government that enjoys deepening the divide of its people. It was founded as a New World, for all.

Where did we go wrong? We went wrong when we allowed our governing body to divide itself, pitting people of the same country against each other. We all have the same intentions, to better our country for everyone in it. That’s why we need our younger generation to step up and to bring everyone together in hopes of bettering our country and our world as a whole. We need people willing to compromise and willing to put the people’s needs before their own. Mostly we need someone who cares and has a love for every human because underneath it all, we are all the same.

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