Senior Year Stress


Lilly Hortis, Co-Editor

While being a senior is exciting and has its perks, there is usually an abundance of stress and responsibility that comes with it. I, as a senior, can personally agree with this.

There are many components that cause stress for seniors. These include keeping grades up, being involved in extracurricular activities, applying for college and scholarships, saving money, getting accepted to colleges, deciding on a college, and preparing to leave home.

In a recent survey given to seniors at Carolina Forest High School, over half said thinking about college next year was one of the things that bring the most stress to them.

Charlotte Jones comments, “I feel like the most stressful part is feeling like you have to have everything figured out, such as knowing what college you want to go to, what you want to major in, and essentially what you want to spend the rest of your life doing.”

While there are several things that cause stress, there are ways to deal with and lower it. Listed below are way do this, according to

Use your support system. Always remember there are people you can reach out to during this stressful time. Guidance counselors, teachers, and even friends and family can answer questions as well as provide encouragement.

When asked how to deal with stress, senior Christyanna Marchiano says, “I surround myself with friends and family.”

Break bad habits. Stress and poor health are heavily related. They also lead cause poor health. Breaking habits will lead to both a less stressful and healthier life. Try drinking more water, eating healthier, getting plenty of sleep and eating healthier to break habits.

Change your perspective. Most often think of senior year as the end. Instead, view this as a time for new beginnings and opportunities. Think of the end of your senior year as the beginning of your future and lots of stress will disappear.

Senior Titus Parmley encourages, “Don’t procrastinate. Stay motivated and consistent with everything. Think about what you want and what will better you. Be open to all opportunities. Trust yourself.”

Finish your senior year strong; good luck!