Art Education at CFHS


Jina Manfrellotti listens to Ms. Dutka’s advice about her piece on the computer.

Kaya Perry, Co-Editor

Carolina Forest High School has very diverse programs. From athletics to academics to agriculture, they offer it all. Even though all of our programs are beneficial, our art department is exceptional, offering a myriad of classes for students.

Those classes include Art I, art appreciation, drawing,  painting, sculpture, digital photography, digital media, AP art history,  AP 2D drawing and AP 3D drawing. If CFHS receives a grant, ceramics could be added to this list! 

Senior Hannah Carovinci explains, “I love art because it’s a great way for me to express how I feel. I think people who have a hard time expressing themselves should take art because they can express themselves in so many different shapes and forms.”

Art makes up the entirety of life; it can be found in anything from a t-shirt to a billboard. It’s the base of all things, which is one reason why art education is important. It’s best to start on a passion, such as art, early because then you can advance faster.

Art teacher Meghan Norris states, “[Art] really pushes people to think outside of the box, which is critical in today’s world when people are required to be so innovative and creative in their jobs.”

 Art can help students learn problem-solving skills in a different manner that they might understand more easily than other methods. It also boosts critical thinking skills that can teach students to be more observative in their world and surroundings. Art education with children helps them develop motor and social skills.

Thomas Mendenhall, who teaches the sculpture class, adds, “Art gives us the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills visually. As an artist, we have a vision for creating a work of art. The process of bringing this idea to life involves the development of skills and decision making. In addition, Art education is a great venue for exploring one’s own culture as well as those across the globe.

Art can also help students be more engaged in other academics. This is because visual arts teaches students the techniques that are needed for presentations for other academics. In a report by Americans for the Arts, it was found that young people who regularly participate in the arts are four times more likely to participate in a math or science fair, be recognized for academic achievement and win an award for writing an essay.

Kristen Dutka, head of the Art Department, shares, “I do believe that more students should take art because they enjoy art, not because they think it will be an easy credit. We want our students to enjoy our classes, learn new things and grow as artists.”

Art is important to every person’s everyday life. More students can learn this importance through art education at school. Every student should at least take one art class in his/her lifetime.