What is a Hero?

Triston Barefoot, Staff Writer

What is a hero?

If I were to show you a collage of pictures with Tom Brady, LeBron James, a US military soldier, and a firefighter, who out of those four would you consider heroes?

Is a hero to you someone who inspires you, motivates you and you want to be like? Is a hero someone who protects you, someone who defends you, and someone who looks out for you? Is your hero a parent , is a police officer, or a famous actor or actress?

Senior Emma Hamilton comments, “A hero is someone who I look up too for certain achievements and accomplishments they have completed. The three biggest qualities I see in heroes are courage, determination, and confidence.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines hero as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.. You can save someone in many ways; all of them as important as the next.

Nevon Tyler, a senior, says, “ A hero is when someone never thinks about themselves, they put people first before themselves.”

Mr. Aaron Knapic, one of our business teachers,  shares, “ I would say I currently have two views of what a hero is. First, the traditional view of someone acting with courage to accomplish a compelling feat, but then second and more relevant to our current times is someone willing to speak the truth, or even declare a truth, at a time when it is so unpopular and group-think appears to be controlling the masses.”

In the end a hero is your personal definition with concepts coming from how you grew up with your culture in your life. So, who’s your hero?