Fashion Rules The World

Fashion Rules The World

Bayli Soles, Staff Writer

Since the early 2000s style and trends of the fashion industry have been dominating the world more than ever before. Fashion no longer controls the way you dress but also the way you design your house and the way it looks. 

In today’s society, fashion is very bold or daring, and it reflects the generation. This generation is not afraid at all to wear what they want. They have shown that what you wear isn’t just your clothing but also your personality and the power that they hold. Trends unify people all around the world. While they do that, it still gives a chance for people to express themselves through clothing. Fashion trends change all the time. but it has never changed the hold it has over society. Fashion is reflected everywhere. It is in magazines and even TV shows. People are so caught up in keeping up with trends that they will follow accounts to tell them what is on-trend. 

“My style now is more personal to me than it use to be before,” shares Dreme Davis, a junior. 

Trends are coming back from the past, and now people are loving them more than ever. Some people’s favorite trends include apparel like puff sleeves, pastel colors, and bell bottoms. In the South, we usually see girls wear pearl earrings daily, which us to be something us to wear in Egypt as far and as long as 4200 BC. Other things include mini skirts, round sunglasses, and overalls. All of these trends are something that we have seen grow and excel in the past 10 years. 

The trend fashions have changed since most of us were in elementary and middle school, including wearing bright neon colors and animal print leggings. Although we say this was a past trend, they are coming back but in different ways. Instead of neon colors, we now have pastel colors. We also still wear tons of animal print with outfits. 

Junior Julianna Carnucci says, “I think trends are better now than they have ever been before. People are able to express themselves more now.” 

Morgan Bane, one of our English instructors, graduated from CFHS in 2008.  “When I was in high school, the lower the rise of the jeans, the better.  Polos (collared shirts) were super in-style.  I find it interesting, though, how things come back in-style, such as platform sandals, bucket hats, and scrunchies.  I never thought any of those would ever be cool again.”

Bane is also a huge fan of today’s trend of high-waisted jeans.  She adds, “I am just fervently praying that low-rise jeans stay forever in the past!”

We all have different styles and tastes. It will be interesting on how the trends will change OR stay the same over the next five to ten years.