Can Music Make You More Productive?


Rachel Durkin, Staff Writer/Media Producer

Music can be played at any time, anywhere and is valued everyday for most people. We use music to help connect with others, and it can also represent our interests. Music is so important because there are so many different styles and genres.

The Healthline shows that “music can improve your mood and help you feel more motivated to tackle important tasks, but it doesn’t always work as a study tool.”

Studying with music may help some with concentration but others with distraction. Having music playing in the background while studying for a test, or even in general, has shown to have multiple different effects on scores and overall feelings of students.

Francesca Urso, a sophomore, shares her opinion on studying. “It helps me focus especially when listening to classical music because it calms me down.”

According to Stoodnt, classical music has shown to be the best option to study because of how calm and has little to no words. This creates less of a distraction and stimulates the brain.

Some feel that studying with music benefits them, making them in a better mood which makes them more likely to complete tasks even when exercising. 

Runners World states that “music can help you run longer, faster, and easier.” This is because the beat of the music can match your pace which can keep your run or any exercise consistent and even motivate you.   

Jenna Graziano, a junior, comments, “Listening to music while working out keeps me motivated and puts me in a better mood which inspires me to perform better.”

The Guardian, an online news website, also includes that music is shown to “improve both productivity and cognitive performance.” 

This is a prime example of music being used as motivation and further pushing people. Others say that it drowns out noise and can help with focus while doing work.

Patrick Rabon, an Advanced Placement teacher at Carolina Forest says, “As long as there is music, it drowns out the rest of the noise and helps me focus while planning.”

Many people have different opinions on whether or not music is a distraction. We also have different perceptions on what is considered being productive. Music was created to help people become more productive but definitely does not work for everyone.