Summer Jobs for Teens

Matthew Winchester, Staff Writer

Jobs for high school students are very important. They help them obtain money for their future and social skills. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for students to work during the school year because they have to go to school for most of the days.

Summer jobs are very important for high school students because they give students more time to work and make money. 

Many jobs open up during the summer months in the Myrtle Beach area due to the vast number of tourists and attractions. Ironically, many students have been working more the past couple months due to the pandemic.  

Ashley Clayworth, a junior, works 25-40 hours a week at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

“I find it a very happy and upbeat place. All coworkers have formed special bonds with each other, which makes it really fun because we get the joy of hanging out and having fun while working.”

Another great way to get work experience during the summer is to create your own employment. This could be done by creating a service for the community, baby sitting, tutoring, pet sitting and lawn mowing.

It’s also important to take child labor laws into consideration. Teens that are between the age of 14 and 15 can only work until 9 pm during the summer. However, teens older than 15 can work unlimited hours.

Summer jobs do more than give teens the opportunity to make some money; they also teach valuable lessons. These lessons include social skills, time management and new skills. Summer jobs can also keep teens from being bored during the summer.

“Summer jobs are very important because they help improve social skills,” said Troy Smith, a sophomore.

Being able to work gives teens the opportunity to make some money and learn valuable things.