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Will TikTok Be Banned?

TikTok is a popular social media platform where you can create, share, and watch short film videos. TikTok is owned and operated by a Chinese company ByteDance. The app TikTok has over 1 billion active users and is the fourth largest social media app in the world. 

Despite the popularity, TikTok can possibly get banned. 

On Wednesday, March 13, the House of Representatives passed a bill to get ByteDance to sell TikTok within six months or have the app banned and removed from app stores in the United States. President Biden has said he supports this bill. 

The reason for TikTok being banned is for national security concerns as it is owned by China; they fear that China uses TikTok to spy on American citizens or interfere in U.S elections. Our government believes ByteDance shares sensitive user data to the Chinese government and that TikTok is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. 

This is not the first time the United States threatened to ban TikTok. In 2020, former President Donald Trump made an effort to ban the app. Trump signed an executive order to ban the app within 45 days. 

In February 2023, the Biden Administration took action by giving 30 days to all governments to delete TikTok on federal devices and systems over data security concerns. 

India banned TikTok and other Chinese apps back in 2020 due to security concerns. Other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, and France have banned the app on federal or official devices. 

“I disagree with the ban that has been put on the app. TikTok has become a worldwide app that is used for more than just entertainment. People have now made a living off the app, so you wouldn’t only be taking away a vast majority of entertainment, you will also be taking away how some people manage to put food on the table,” explained junior Braelynn Lacerda. 

The banning of TikTok is unlikely as it can affect the economy. Banning the app can result in potential job losses. For example businesses as people rely on TikTok as their income source. 

TikTok filed suit as banning the app is violating the First Amendment. The bill violates America’s freedom of speech by taking away the platform they use for expression. 

TikTok is a great way to be creative, express yourself, and share, but TikTok can also be a dangerous, addictive, and overall not a safe app. 

Cons of TikTok: cyberbullying, addiction and screen time, effect on mental health, leaked information. Pros of TikTok: sharing your creativity, help with confidence, start business and sponsors, news, and can even help in your education and homework, etc. 

Junior Abigail Sabo argued, “ TikTok is addictive. It’s easy to keep scrolling on entertainment and lots of drama. But TikTok has amazing marketing for small businesses. The app shows fun trends, keeps you aware of things that are happening, and many different peoples and opinions.” 

It will be interesting to see if TikTok will ever get banned in the United States. It is unlikely, but we will see what the future holds for Tiktok. 


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Lesley Medina, Staff Writer/Media Production
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