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Broadway at the Beach Attractions: Worth the Price?


Broadway at the Beach is one of Myrtle Beach’s top tourist attractions. There are 22 restaurants and 79 shops.  The amusement rides have become quite popular within the past five years.  

A tiny part of Broadway over by WonderWorks is the Pavilion Fun Park; it has five amazing  rides and a couple good kiddie rides for the young ones. The rides are the Broadway 360 Ferris Wheel, the Super happy Swing, the Scrambler, the Drop Tower and their main attraction and their only roller coaster, the Myrtle Turtles. Also, you can find a bigger version of the Pavilion in the middle of Broadway. These rides are more thrill seeking and overall more fun. The rides are The Beast, Wave Swinger, Moon Raker 20, The Rock In Roll Express, their big slide the Riptidz Slide, the Cliff Hanger and the Seed XXL. 

The ticket prices for the Broadway Pavilion Fun Park and the extreme fun park is that individual tickets cost $5.00 for  five tickets. All day wristbands cost $45.00 per person but with a group six or bigger all day wristbands cost $39.00 the Ferris Wheel also cost $13.50 per person. Their top three rides are The Beast, The Myrtle Turtles and Speed XXL. 

The Myrtle Turtles is a family coaster unlike most that have been made before, The Myrtle Turtles feature a figure eight track design and four cars that spin in circles while they navigate the bi-level track. The Myrtle Turtles are perfect for teens and children alike. The Beast is as wild and dark as its name depicts. This ride will have you screaming with terror. The Beast is one of Carolina’s most extreme rides. With one menacing pendulum arm, you’ll be swung 120° in either direction, reaching heights of over 125 feet, all while flying 55 mph/hr. in a seat that spins you 360°. The Speed XXL is exciting, exhilarating and loaded with thrills. Riders who dare are spun around at speeds at up to 60 mph and at heights of 130 ft tall. t their seats are rotating which makes for an amazing thrill ride. 

If you are willing to travel around four hours from the beach, Carowinds is a big theme park in Charlotte, North Carolina. The park has  14 roller coasters and a bunch of flat and kiddie rides. If you buy tickets for Carowinds online, it costs $45.00.

At Pavilion Park located in Myrtle Beach, there is one roller coaster and some okay flat rides. An all day wristband for Pavilion Park cost $45.00 as well. If you are craving to go to a theme park, I would just go ahead and take the trip to Carowinds because it is more fun for the same price.  

Jordan Lipp is a freshman and has lived here in Myrtle Beach for four  years. 

“The rides are good and sometimes fun, but the price is high. I don’t think it is worth the price,” explained Lipp.

Despite the high prices, Broadway is still a fun place for family and friend’s to make memories.

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