Parking Lot Madness

The parking lot at Carolina Forest High School has been a topic of discussion and debate for a while now.  Due to the overcrowding issue, the parking lot is poorly designed and unsafe Students struggle to find parking spots, often circling the lot several times before finding a place. 

I have my last block F house at the very end, so I get out fairly fast. Whenever I wait for someone, I end up waiting another 20 minutes just to leave the parking lot. Many students have been in  accidents in the school parking lot or leaving the school.

An argument made by the students is that they pay for the parking spots, and not everyone gets a spot.  Some students would like for the  seniors to have access to  the G parking lot.  

Mr. Doug Soles, one of our assistant principals, was asked about some of these concerns.   He explained that the parking issues have been explained to our HCS board members, and they have had thoughts of moving all of the buses to a central parking lot.  Mr soles said that this summer there is a plan to cover all of the grass areas in the parking lot with asphalt.

Soles stated,  “If everyone were to relax,  it would only take 15 minutes or so to empty out.”

The parking lot situation at Carolina Forest High School is a concern that requires attention and action, which is being acted on by the school, hoping to  find a feasible solution that benefits everyone involved.