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Silver Streams Submissions
The Silver Streams will be updated frequently and will highlight our students’ art and writing talent. In the link below, you may submit any artwork, photography, writings, and/or music that you would like to be featured in the our on-line literary magazine.
Note: If you would like your piece formatted a certain way, you may also provide a hard copy to Ms. Twigg’s room in Tech 3.
Submit your entries to the following:  [email protected], [email protected], OR complete the Google Form
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Nearby Historic Gems to Visit


When wanting to explore historical places, Charleston, Georgetown and Charlotte are some of the best cities to visit. These cities are located in the Carolinas that are great one-day or weekend trips if you leave near the Myrtle Beach area.

Charleston is one of the most popular cities in South Carolina. There are many historical things to do and many amazing things to see. Besides history, there are concerts, art events, beaches, shops and many more tourist attractions.

One of the most popular historical attractions is the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. This is one of the most historic museums in the South. There are many reasons for this: the Continental Congress was elected in this building, the U.S. Constitution was signed, the Declaration of Independence was read publicly and the cellar was used as a prison in 1791.

Emily Ferriera, a sophomore, visited the dungeon. 

The old exchange dungeon was very cool. I went there on a field trip once, and it was very informational. If you like history, you will love this place.”

Georgetown is another popular city in SC and much closer than Charleston. Georgetown has many things to offer, such as The Hammock Shops, the Harbor Walk and much more. It’s also one of the most historical cities in South Carolina. 

Hopsewee Plantation is a rice plantation built between 1735 and 1740 in Georgetown. Thomas Lynch Jr., one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, was born in this house. This was one of the major rice plantations in the South. The plantation is now privately owned and open to the public. There are many things to do here, including tours to explore the house and the two slave cabins while learning about the history. The Gullah Geechee presentation is about the experience of the slaves that were kept here, and there are even ghost tours. You can also have your wedding and any special event in the building which will be closed to the public. 

Charlotte, North Carolina is less than four hours from Myrtle Beach, which offers so many fun adventures. This city also has concerts along with sporting events like the Panthers games and Carowinds, the most popular amusement park in the Carolinas.

“I am originally from the Charlotte area and still have family and close friends who live there. Every two months or so, I’ll go back ‘home’ to visit everyone. My oldest daughter also lives in Charleston; I visit her often. Both of these cities are rich in cultural events, along with having various venues for concerts and sports. It’s always a treat to experience new adventures with family and friends, whether it’s for the day or a long weekend,” shared Ann Twigg, one of the English teachers. 

One of the most famous historical place to visit in Charlotte is the 1774 Alexander Rock House.  Hezekiah Alexander bought 600 acres of land in 1767 and finished building the house in 1774. Originally, 12 people lived in the Rock House, including 17 slaves. You can explore the kitchen, the springhouse, slave quarters, and the Caldwell barn which are all in the house or buildings outside the house. Some of the outside areas you can tour are the garden and the creek.

Overall, Charleston, Georgetown and Charlotte are very popular cities in the South with many things to do. If you want to visit historical places, want something to do over the weekend or just want to explore cool places, these cities are the perfect places for you.

Photo Credit: Google

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