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POPSTROKE Golf Coming to the Beach!!!


One of the most important things during the summer in Myrtle Beach is putt putt and real golf. In 2024, there will be a new look to putt putt and golf. PopStroke is being built at Broadway at the Beach behind the Hangout restaurant. 

 According to, PopStroke is backed by pro golfing legend Tiger Woods. The 10,930-square-foot business will include an arcade, a play area, a restaurant and an ice cream parlor. It will also contain two 18 hole golf courses that Tiger Woods company, TGR Design, creates. PopStroke is a new version of golf experience featuring professional putting courses, a delicious menu and other experiences that makes this, in my opinion, the “TopGolf of mini golf.”

People will test their ability to weather the course and stack up against your competition. As far as eating, there’s something delicious for everyone. The menu is available in the full-service restaurant and bar, or they can deliver it to you on the course. What’s better than a golf day with excellent food. 

According to, PopStroke was founded in 2018 by former wall street executive Greg Bartoli and has some of the heavy hitters in the sports and entertainment world.  

 In Glendale, Arizona, PopStroke opened  its 36-hole mini golf course in March 2023.

“Here at PopStroke, we’re all about being inclusive. Whether  you are three-years-old or 83-years-old  you can putt. If you are not into putting, we have a restaurant, an ice cream parlor, an amazing playground and arcade for kids and more amazing things,” explained Timothy Gilta, the Director of Operations for PopStroke.

“I’m really looking forward to PopStroke coming to Myrtle Beach. I think anything Tiger Woods is involved in will be successful.  And I love golf!! ” shared teacher and golf lover James West.

Myrtle Beach and our surrounding area boasts a variety of championship golf courses.  It’s nice to add a new addition that is oriented towards family outings.

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